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Electrolysis is a method of hair removal from the face and body.

Electrolysis devises destroy the growth centre of the hair with a heat energy.

After an extremely fine needle is inserted in the hair follicle then hair is removed with tweezers.

Ideal for all coloured hormonal facial hairs.

Electrolysis is TGA and FDA Approved as the only method of permanent hair removal.

Starting from:
$35 for 15mins
$55 for 30mins


Diathermy is treatment for Millia, Skin Tags, broken Capillaries and Cherry Angiomas

Diathermy is a medical technique which involves the use of a high-frequency electrical current to produce intense heat to a specified treatment area.

This intense heat is able to destroy unhealthy or unwanted tissue such as skin tags and millia or can be used to clot blood, which effectively reduces the appearance of broken capillaries.

The device itself is a small hand piece which delivers the electrical current through a probe, the size of an eyelash.

This means that the treatment is very precise and only the target tissue is affected.

Therefore, the risk of scarring or post/inflammatory pigmentation is very unlikely. 

Priced by consultation