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What is Brow Mapping?

Eyebrow mapping is a shaping technique that uses the Golden Ratio for facial proportions to help achieve symmetry and sculpt the most flattering shape for your brows.  When eyebrows follow the Golden Ratio, they will appear harmonious to the rest of your facial features.


So, what is this seemingly magical golden ratio, anyway?

The Golden Ratio is the mathematical ratio of 1.618 to 1. It represents the ideal visual harmony and balance. It’s often used in design, architecture, and fine arts. Like the complex human body and objects found in nature, the ‘perfect brows’ follow the golden ratio rule.


What does eyebrow mapping involve?

Peggy will take measurements using the string brow mapping method instead of drawing and marking with just a ruler and pencil. The use of an inked string is highly precise and technical. With this method, there is less room for error when trying to achieve symmetry. You can then either have your brows shaped and tinted or microbladed.  

Benefits of Brow Mapping

  • Helps achieve brow symmetry
  • Improves ability to sculpt your ideal brow shape
  • Helps get the artist and client on the same page

If you’re looking for really even brows, brow mapping is definitely the way to go. 


How to prepare for Brow Mapping

Peggy advises that you should grow out your brows as much as possible before your appointment.

This will help Peggy visualise the possibilities of different shapes and styles best suited for you.

When brow mapping a good brow artist will always try to work with what brows you already have.