Luxe Skin Wellness & Self Care


Luxe Skin Care – Skin Wellness & Self Care is situated in Drysdale on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

We welcome all people with all types of skin concerns and questions. 

You can walk into an environment that makes you feel relaxed and at ease knowing that you will receive the utmost care and advice.

About Peggy

Peggy Lekkas

As one of Melbourne’s leading Dermal Therapists and founder of Luxe Skin Care, Peggy has been in the Beauty Therapy Industry for over 35 years.

“I am passionate about sharing my skin care knowledge to help others with improving and correcting their skin.” Peggy

Starting her amazing and exciting career as a young girl studying her passion in Swanston Street, Melbourne, at the Australian College of Aesthetics and Cosmetology. 

Peggy’s career weaved its way through the many diverse phases of beauty.  From Chapel Street Melbourne at Le Beau Visage, when beauty was about French Creams, Guelain, Payot other Luxury Brands.

In the late 1990’s when Glycolic Acid was discovered hence the era of peels, acids breaking down the Stratum Corneum so it would rebuild itself to end up with beautiful even skin. During the early 2000’s, Peggy was using American products, acids and oxygen peels just to name a few. 

During this era Botox was discovered – NO WRINKLES.  Peggy met Dr. Bambra and they provided these treatments from Peggy’s  salon on Greville Street, Prahran – Botox Parties, dancing and having fun.  This led to the era of Brazilian Waxing so Peggy jumped on that band wagon. 

Peggy worked at Vanity on Chapel street Prahran ‘THE’ salon for Brazilian Waxing in the early 2000’s.  Her success caused her to open Mademoiselles Beauty Parlour on the Westgarth Strip in Northcote.

Peggy became well known for innovation and the latest movements in the industry.  Through her notoriety at the time, she was interviewed by RRR radio station and Triple M radio station where she actually did a live wax on air.

Seeking a sea change and semi retirement but still looking for new areas to develop, Peggy headed to the Bellarine Peninsula the area where she had grown up as a young girl. 

Her plan was to bring all her knowledge and expertise, and a touch of Melbourne Beauty & Glamour, to the salon but not work at the frantic pace she had for the past 35 years. Peggy started with a small salon in Drysdale and called the salon Luxe Skin Care.

The salon grew quickly as no one in the area provided the services, high level treatments and medical grade skin care products that were available through her salon.  The salon survived through the COVID Lockdowns and continue to grow. 

All through this time, Peggy continued to study more advance levels Cosmetic Chemistry that led to partnering with  Dermaviduals and introducing  Corneotherapy a methodology in working with the skins defence systems by balancing the creating homeostasis.

In July 2022, due to the growth of the business, Peggy and her partner took on a larger space in the more visible part of town.  Luxe Skin Care has evolved to what it is today, bringing 35 years of knowledge, wisdom, business expertise and specialist qualifications.
In November 2023 Peggy was awarded the prestigious award of Australia’s Dermal Therapist & Corneotherapist (Australia) of the year 2023.
From start to finish, Peggy provides the highest level of service and expertise. Peggy’s deep knowledge of skincare and her skillful hands make a significant difference in the appearance and overall health of your skin. Whether it is a specialised facial, Corneotherapy or a targeted treatment for specific concerns, Peggy knows exactly what your skin needs and delivers outstanding results.
What truly sets Peggy apart is her genuine care and meticulous attention to detail. Throughout the entire process, you are made to feel comfortable and at ease.  Peggy carefully explains each step of the treatment and answers any questions you may have. Her professionalism and warm personality created a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere, making your visit all the more enjoyable.
Furthermore, the state-of-the-art facilities at Luxe Skin Care Drysdale. The clinic’s cleanliness and modern equipment reflects her commitment to providing a top-notch experience. Peggy’s extensive knowledge of the latest skin care techniques and products further demonstrated her dedication to staying up-to-date in the industry.