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Brow waxing and shaping is a popular method used to achieve well-groomed and defined eyebrows. Waxing involves the use of a warm wax applied to the brow area in the direction of hair growth. A specialised gel wax is then anpplied and quickly removed, taking the unwanted hair along with it. This method is effective in removing both large and small amounts of hair, resulting in a clean and precise shape. Brow shaping with waxing allows for greater precision and control compared to other hair removal methods such as tweezing or threading.

At Luxe Skin Care we specialise in brow waxing and shaping.  We have the skills and expertise to create the perfect brow shape that suits your face. We take into account factors such as face shape, brow thickness, and personal preferences. The process starts with a consultation to discuss the desired shape and any concerns. After the waxing is done, any stray hairs that were missed during the process may be tweezed to achieve a more polished look.

Brow waxing and shaping is a convenient and efficient way to maintain well-groomed brows. It provides longer-lasting results compared to other methods and helps to create a defined and flattering shape that enhances the natural beauty of the face. However, it is important to have brow waxing done by a trained professional to ensure the procedure is performed safely and effectively.